Accommodation in a forest inn

La Seigneurie du Triton has a whole lot to offer when it comes to its unique accommodation located in the Mauricie region  in the heart of a rich and generous nature filled with flora and fauna and its many lakes. High quality services are offered throughout your stay, table d’hôte, à la carte menu, our specially design gourmet menu and quality service are offered, within a unique and welcoming context.

The Club House: Prestigious forest inn in Quebec

The Club House is more than one hundred years old and has so much history to offer. With a warm ambiance this old private club is equipped with furniture and is filled with decorations and trophies from its era, which gives a unique and authentic atmosphere. Residents can relax and embrace this ambiance by the wood lit fire in the bar or in then chic lobby. This beautiful forest inn has seen many faces through the years such as, Roosevelt, Churchill, Rockefeller and Truman.

Inside you will discover many different rooms like, the bar, the gift shop, the office, lobby, dinning rooms equipped with four fireplaces and one wood stove. There are 3 suites in the Club House, 5 COZY type bedrooms with private bathrooms, and only 6 RUSTIC rooms, sharing toilets and shower stalls on the floor.

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Le Batiscan: Charming forest inn on lake shore

With just as much charm as The Club House this special lodge has lots to offer to our customers. The Batiscan offer even more comfort and relaxation with 9 fully equipped en suite bedrooms. The wood burning stove in the private lounge provides warmth all around the lodge. This lodge can hold up to 16 people which is great for family reunions or meetings.

Situated on the border of the river and 200 metres from The Club House, so you can profit all that The Batiscan has to offer in the Mauricie region. It is perfect for small groups, for your visit one of our chefs will prepare and cook a private meal to complete your stay for an additional charge.

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Le Faunique: Charming hotel in the middle of nature

A few rooms have newly renovated private balconies from which guests can embrace the picturesque atmosphere and scenery by looking onto the river, or by taking in the night sky on a clear night.  Whit  its varnished wood rooms, renovated flooring, and living room with a fireplace, Le Faunique has the warm and rustic style a hotel in the forest must have. Constructed in 1993, it has been modified in 2004 to offer even more comfort to our visitors. There are now 20 soundproof rooms, with private bathroom, 5 of them offer a view on the lake and a private balcony, 2 can welcome people with disability, available with double, triple, quadruple or more occupancy.

Located right near the Club House, you will be able to enjoy the services offered there.

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The rustic comfort is simple in our inns

La Seigneurie du triton has a mission for you to live a different experience of life away from the modern world. You will experience all the beauty mother nature has to offer. It is essential to prepare for the simplicities our inn has to offer here are some special features:

  • The inns are made entirely of wood therefore soundproofing not part of modern hostel technology
  • There are no TVs in the rooms
  • There is no mobile network, however we do have a public telephone which can be accessed in the hall of presidents by using a calling card
  • No need to lock your room with a key since our key is the lake
  • The water is ferruginous, so it is darker in some places
  • A free wifi station is available in the presidents hall or we have a wifi network which is available in the public areas of The Club House for an additional cost

The chalets

Every chalets has the privilege of being located on a lake and not being accessible by a car. The peace and quiet atmosphere is a definite when it comes to our chalets. Chalet stays are under the European plan so you must bring and prepare your own food. However, outdoor fishing packages can be combined with your chalet where you will have access to equipment and activities.

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