Triton Territory Lakes and trails

A vast fishing and outdoor domain in Quebec

La Seigneurie du Triton is a prestigious hunting and fishing domain located in the Mauricie region of Quebec. It is an historic site of more than 110 years and it has hosted renowned people like Churchill and Roosevelt. It has an exclusive fishing territory of more than 50 square km including twelve lakes and one river. Its impressive forests hosting diverse wild fauna and flora can be explored by outdoor activities and nature observation.

The territory is only accessible by water, a 2 kilometres boat ride, which limits the access to protect its wild nature. Visitors can enjoy a stay in the forest far from all noisy civilisations.

East access to the Triton protected area of more than 400 km2, the territory is filled with well-preserved natural surprises.

An almost virgin hunting territory in the heart of Quebec

Man very lightly touched the forest surrounding La Seigneurie du Triton. To continue protecting the resources, only a small number of hunters are allowed each year on this vast wild domain ideal for hunting and filled with game. The privileged ones will be able to hunt black bears or hunt for small game such has woodcock, hare, ruffed grouse and the Canadian grouse.

A wild domain with many lakes to go fishing

Privileged by its location, La Seigneurie du Triton domain includes twelve lakes of various sizes; home to the popular brook trout that makes it a well liked fishing territory by the amateurs. The lakes and the river of the territory are accessible by kayak, canoe and rabaska canoe or you can admire them when hiking the trails.

A protected territory for its natural resources

United for the safekeeping of a unique territory

While about twenty forestry companies were attacking the Maurician forest, a real natural jewel, many people passionately loving this territory were determined to defend it. So, a few years later, thanks to the Coalition for the Safekeeping of the Triton Territory and with the support of the aboriginal peoples, forest scientists, committed politicians, ecologists, medias, public personalities and other deeply involved persons, the project for a biodiversity reserve was officially retained by the Quebec government.

Joé Juneau, a famous Quebec hockey player, has also invested himself in this project to include the Triton Territory in the protected areas plan the Quebec government is implementing. M. Juneau is trying to raise the population’s consciousness about the importance of keeping untouched forests for future generations.

An incomparable wild domain

This incomparable territory located some thirty kilometres northeast of La Tuque has an area of about 408 square km neighbouring the administrative regions of Mauricie, Lac-St-Jean and Quebec. It is the source of three catchment basins; scattered by rivers, lakes and peat land. The majority of lakes are only accessible by trails, water or the air. Moreover, as there are no roads in the area, the forest remains practically untouched by man. One can still admire today a boreal territory almost intact since the withdrawal of glaciers some 8,000 years ago.

The fauna is abundant and varied due to the diversity of habitats and the flora is diversified. One can even find mature trees of more than 120 years and some are as old as 300 years.

An history rich territory

History rich, the territory of the protected area is located at the crossroad of the Innus, Attikamekw and Huron-Wendat nations. It is also host of one of the most prestigious outfitter of North America, La Seigneurie du Triton, which has hosted great people like Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Proud of more than 110 years of history, La Seigneurie du Triton has kept its rustic and authentic style as a tribute to the pioneers loving this domain and who have made it accessible all while preserving and protecting the surrounding wilderness.

A territory with ecological value now recognised

The decision to protect this territory proves its ecological and scientific value. From now on, the invaluable wealth of this almost virgin Quebec forest will be kept intact for generations to come. A forest that will remain a unique site for nature and vacation lovers.

A future more respectful of our forests

The battle for the safeguard of the Triton Territory has lead its defenders to hope that in the future, it will be easier for the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) to increase the ratio of protected areas. The goal to reach is the 12% recommended by the Coulombe report. We must also hope that the forestry industry will exploit the forests with respect and that it will avoid disturbing the equilibrium of the fauna and flora. More people will become aware of the importance of safekeeping the natural environments, more the great wilderness territories of Quebec will be preserved.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US: This protected areas project is supported by Ernest Awashish the former great chief of the Attikamekw nation, Max Gros-Louis the great chief of the Huron-Wendat nation, by the UQCN/Nature Québec, the Table de Concertation en Environnement de Portneuf, the Mouvement Vert de la Mauricie, the association forestière du Québec métropolitain, by Action boréale as well as by many international actors of the tourism scene, the artistic sector, sports, politics and many other users, present and future, of the this territory.

The Coalition for the Safekeeping of the Triton Territory is reaching out to the population for even more support for this heritage safeguarding.

Thank you all!

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