Combo Trout Walleye

Description of the stay:

The package includes the boat, the engine and the gasoline, 9 meals, 2 nights at the Seigneurie du Triton with 2 days of brook trout fishing including also guiding service. Transfer by seaplane to Réservoir Gouin or to Clova for 1 walleye or pike fishing day.

The package includes :

  • Accommodation for 2 nights à la Seigneurie du Triton
  • Accommodation for 1 night at Clova
  • 9 meals
  • Boat, motor and gas
  • 2 days of brook trout fishing
  • 1 day of pike or walleye fishing
  • Guiding service at la Seigneurie du triton only
  • Guiding service at Réservoir Gouin or on Lac Hébert for a supplement of $150 per day
  • Seaplane transportation from la Seigneurie du Triton to Clova or to Réservoir Gouin 
  • 3 nights, 9 meals, 2 days of trout fishing and 1 day of walleye or pike fishing with seaplane transportation, boat, engine, gasoline.

Price for the Triton and Réservoir Gouin stay:

Price per person for a 3 nights stay in double occupation:

  • May 11th to June 16th 2016 : $2025 with private bathroom
  • May 11th to June 16th 2016 : $1965 with shared bathroom
  • June 17th to September 5th 2016 : $1915 with private bathroom
  • June 17th to September 5th 2016 : $1855 with shared bathroom
  • Supplement for the Lac-Hébert : $300 per person for the stay

The package does not include:

The transport up to Seigneurie du Triton, the drinks, fishing equipment, baits and lures.

The rates shown are approximative and serve as examples, for rates, contact us at 1 877-393-0557

Rates are per person with a minimum of 4 persons with double occupancy.

Taxes, services and transport are to be added.

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